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Michael Alger

Vintage High School
Classroom Teacher
Napa, CA
I'm a huge nerd who also happens to teach English. I have a Master's Degree in EdTech and BAs in Literature and Theatre. In addition to my years at Vintage, I've also had a stint teaching in a credential program at Touro University and taught classes for the Napa Valley Adult Education program. At one point, I was doing all three simultaneously. Although I only have one teaching gig these days, I'm still a department leader, a union leader, a PLC leader, a union site rep, and somehow still seem to find more room on my plate, not from sheer masochism but from a love of teaching and learning and a desire to improve my practice wherever and however I can.

Update - I've just returned from a three-week leave for my mental health. That's where I was. That's where we are. So I've taken my leadership roles off my plate. I've even reduced my contract for the remainder of the year. But I've made room for what matters:  my wellness, first and foremost, and the time and space to pursue and practice the pedagogical strategies that might meet the needs of our students, both in this pandemic and beyond.